April 16, 2021


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About Us

Paul Phillip Ouellet the owner has a construction background that goes back to age 10

“My Dad made me work” as he tells his stories.

In those days there were many vocational classes so a large skill set developed, welding, drafting, electronics, electrical wiring, mechanics, along with the traditional classes.

You could literally go from high school to high paying work.

Paul pushed hard in the electrical trade constantly learning and advancing from residential to commercial and then onto industrial and motor controls.

In 1994 Paul became a full commercial residential contractor and has been self employed independent since.

Now, 26 years later the skill set has widened to solar, security, systems intergrator, general contracting skills , and plumbing.

” Doing something good for the world is important to me, clean air, clean environment are essential, when we sell solar were delivering an honest product at a fair price that creates a brighter future.”